Society 54 Team

The Society 54 Team brings more than 40 years of collective experience to address the business development needs of their clients. Launched in 2015, the Society 54 team is the differentiator in the legal market for business development. Check out the profiles below of our distinguished talent!

Jill Huse, Partner

Heather McCullough, Partner

Morgan Lewis, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Melissa Delaney, Director of Strategic Marketing

Shannon Blackwell, Director of Coaching

Sharon Huff, Communications Consultant

Bluford Duck, Official Mascot of the Outlaw Movement

Better Together:
Graham Crackers. Marshmallow. Chocolate. Great individually. But much better together!
Just like Society 54 and Law Practice Consultants – which is why we decided to work together.
Our strategic alliance provides clients with access to even more expertise, experience, and
resources to support growth and profitability. This collaboration allows us to offer our clients expanded value and a depth of focus in management consulting, restructuring compensation systems and managing challenging attorney performance issues.

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