Rich Bracken

Director of Coaching
T: 913.428.6494

Rich Bracken, Director of Coaching, thoroughly enjoys working with clients to solve their business development and marketing needs while creating a differentiated brand for them in the marketplace.

He is an engaging, creative and energetic marketing and business development professional whose passion for process improvement and leadership is infectious.

A former business development manager at Am Law 150 national firms, Rich is experienced in advising and coaching attorneys in winning business, fostering relationships and developing and implementing strategic plans. His experience has spanned legal, healthcare, retail and entertainment, and is easily transferred to any industry – but professional services are where he truly shines.

Rich is also motivational speaker, presenter and facilitator who can often be found publishing a new article, speaking on various topics on television or presenting to audiences on how to meet goals and find solutions to business-related problems.

Whether issues are related to brand awareness, business development, market penetration, lead generation or any other issue, Rich has the drive, experience and knowhow to help clients hit them straight on.

When he’s not working with his clients, Rich is typically creating a new themed music playlist, reading another book in his extensive collection, engaging in some sort of fitness activity or coming up with a creative way to make his children laugh. He’s also an active motivational podcaster with his series, EnRich Your Soul, focusing on personal and professional growth. He lives in Kansas City with his wife, Caryn, and their two sons, Beau and Taylor.