Who has redefined what it means to think outside the law (aka OUTLAW) and is helping each of us in the process? Meet Kevin Iredell.

Kevin, Director of Business Development at Stroock & Stroock, has spent the past two decades building a career in B2B and the legal industry, leading efforts in marketing, market research, business development and communications. Find him on Twitter @Kevin_Iredell.

Where would you like to live? Somewhere along the east coast. Beach town on the ocean.

What is your idea of happiness? Doing something interesting and fun and rewarding with people I love.

What is your motto? Moderation is for monks.

What is your greatest fear? Probably that I’m going to miss out on something. Being a LEO (and an Outlaw!) I like being the center of attention, but I have enough self awareness to know that’s not always the case.

Finish this sentence, If I could have one super-power, it would be …. Healing. I hate to see other people in pain or suffering.

Who are your favorite authors/ what are your favorite books? Patrick O’Brien has a series of books about the 19th century British Navy that I have read twice. (The movie Master and Commander was based on his books). Mark Twain is also a favorite. Tom Clancy, W.E.B. DuBois, and I have to admit I’ve read and enjoyed a good number of Nicholas Sparks’ books… don’t judge me.

If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why? Otto von Bismarck – the last leader of the Prussian Empire. He was a brilliant statesman and powerful leader whose actions led to the First World War and the end of the Prussian Empire.

What got you into working in the legal industry? I started my legal marketing career at Martindale-Hubbell as a marketing manager for 15+ years ago. I’ve been hooked on Legal since.

Your favorite musician/ band? Tim McGraw. I’m a big country music fan and Tim McGraw has always been my favorite.

What is your current state of mind? Crazed. This is a busy time of year with projects coming to completion before Q4 and budget planning for 2018.

Your favorite virtue? Humility. In Roman and Greek mythology hubris is the greatest offense to the gods. I think they were on to something.

What would you consider your greatest achievement?  My family. My children.

Finish this sentence- if I won the lottery tomorrow I would… Open a bait and tackle shop in a small beach town and run a charter fishing outfit for underprivileged families looking for a fun and safe way to spend time together.

Who would you have liked to be? ME. I’m one of kind.