McCullough Shares Client Service Lesson in “We’ve Got Stephanie”

In an article recently published to JD Supra, Heather McCullough relates her recent experience with a delayed passenger on Southwest Airlines to the importance of great client care in law firms.

Society 54 Partner and Co-Founder, Heather McCullough

“Recently, I witnessed firsthand the complete customer focus by the employees of Southwest Airlines. Due to major storms in the west, many flights were delayed or cancelled causing major backups at Chicago’s Midway Airport. The terminals were crowded, passengers were exhausted from a day spent waiting to get to their next destination and employees of the airport and the airlines were fielding a non-stop barrage of complaints and questions.

And then there was Stephanie.

She was holed up somewhere in the very crowded airport to escape the chaos and perhaps get a little rest. The plane that was on its way, being delayed time and again seemed like a distant dream. So, Stephanie simply retreated.

I don’t know Stephanie but I’ve been her, trapped somewhere I didn’t want to be for far too long. Exhausted from time spent doing nothing but shuffling and being shuffled. And feeling at the mercy of an organization where I had no control.”

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