Lewis Dishes on the Importance of Good Client Care

JD Supra recently published an article written by Morgan Lewis entitled “Dishing on the Importance of Good Client Care.” In the article, Lewis discusses why good legal service doesn’t always ensure repeat business as well as key points to remember when servicing clients.

“My husband and I recently had dinner at a local restaurant we enjoy frequenting. The casual atmosphere, dimly-lit back deck, local brews, friendly service and its welcoming attitude to our beloved fur-child (AKA our dog) are all part of its appeal. It’s a local, non-chain spot, hidden behind other independent shops, a CrossFit gym and an art studio. They anticipate our needs before we do — drink refills? More napkins? Dog bowl refill? Extra condiments? — and we have told more than a few of our friends about it.

You may be surprised to hear, however, that we aren’t crazy about the food.

I don’t mean that we hate the food. We don’t. The food of traditional pub fare, a menu filled with fun burgers with interesting toppings, French fries, fried food and BBQ, is fine. But it truly isn’t anything to write home about. In fact, many of the dishes are pretty basic and not anything we couldn’t get elsewhere.

So why do we continue to support them with our time and money?”

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