Law360 Quotes Huse on Boosting a Law Firm’s Prestige

A recent article published by Law360 quotes Jill Huse on boosting a law firm’s prestige in a way that is mutually beneficial to both firm and client. An excerpt is below. Read the full article, “4 Ways Law Firms Can Bolster Their Prestige” here on the Law360 website.

“Another effective way to increase prestige is to highlight high-profile clients in a manner that promotes both the firm and client, said Jill Huse, a business consultant to professional service firms at Society 54.

That could mean promoting clients through the firm’s website or blogs, through co-sponsorship opportunities, or in joint advertising, she said.

‘This provides immediate credibility to the business community when you can associate your firm with other similar well-known businesses,’ Huse said.

As an example, Huse pointed to a law firm that did a client appreciation campaign several years ago in which it interviewed several of their top clients, highlighting their business and industry in a published profile, with different clients profiled each year. In fact, the firm even commissioned a caricature artist from the New York Post to do a visual of each client with a narrative about the company and their keys to success.

‘They were successful by ingratiating their influence with their client by promoting their business, associating their firm with well-known clients in the business community within different industry sectors, and solidifying their current client relationships that had a direct positive impact on revenue for the firm,’ she said.”