In a perfect world, we would help every professional services firm to increase their market share. However, we pride ourselves on our self-awareness– we know our sweet spot!  magnifying-glass-clipart-black-and-white-xTgLRr8TA Society 54 caters specifically to professionals and marketing personnel at small to midsize professional services firms.  We want to be considerate of your time and intentional with ours, thus we engage clients selectively.  We assess potential clients from every angle to ensure that those with whom we do engage are a suitable fit. And we hope our potential clients do the same!  This mindset encourages the most successful client relationships and the most significant results.

If for any reason we believe that your needs would be better met elsewhere, the professionals at Society 54 have strategic alliances with numerous other industry consultants and will readily provide referrals to ensure you continue to move in the right direction.