Business development, marketing and communications teams in the legal industry are constantly inundated with projects, initiatives, deadlines, and more. The goal of these teams is to help keep and create new, happy clients – but the result of this is even more projects, initiatives and deadlines. 

Most firms cannot always hire in-house as needs arise (and needs always arise), but we are here to help! 

Our Interim In-House Marketing Program allows your firm to hire our skilled and experienced legal marketers and business developers on an as-needed basis. This could be on a project-basis, on a monthly-basis, while someone is on family or medical leave, when a team member vacates their role, you name it. Our desire is to help fill gaps on your teams in order to make your lives easier, more efficient and, of course, to help your team shine to your clients – the attorneys in your firm. 

This program helps ensure continuity of service and continued momentum – both of which are critical components to consider when resources are scarce, especially relating to time and budget. We leverage a comprehensive network of seasoned law firm professionals with decades of experience in the legal industry at various sized firms at every level of experience, ready to step in immediately and guide firms toward success and sustainable competitive advantage.   

If you have a gap to fill, or just want to discuss this program in more detail, please reach out. We will discuss the needs you have, the time-frame for the assistance you need, and what the work will entail. Once we have our questions answered, we will match you with the best fit from our network of experienced team members and facilitate introductions. If you agree that the match is a good one, we will proceed with contracts. Everyone we work with has signed a confidentiality agreement that covers any of our clients, so rest assured that any proprietary information that you share will remain that way.