Organizational Structure

If you could sneak a peek inside the offices of your top five competitors, what do you think you would find?  Chances are, you would find very few similarities in the way each firm is structured.  The organizational structure of a professional services firm can be likened to a math problem—there are numerous ways to reach the “right” answer.  Your firm might be organized as 1+1+5+3 = 10, while the firm down the street might be organized as 7-2+5 = 10.  The truth is that there is no one way, no best way, and certainly no perfect way, in which to structure a firm.  The question is: what structure is best for your firm and your team? Enter Society 54.The Best Way

At Society 54, we offer comprehensive assessments, consultations and planning exercises to help firms best structure their marketing departments.  Our goal is to tap into each individual’s unique strengths and interests in order to arrange the strongest and most effective, efficient team possible.  Further, if and when holes or needs are identified, we can help to recruit new talent that will unite and complete your department.  As an added value, we also work with team members to establish professional development plans that will increase talent and levels of engagement, accountability and contributions to the firm.

Specifically, we can help you to:

  • Define job descriptions, roles and responsibilities
  • Outline processes that align specifically with your firm’s bottom line goals and culture
  • Match team members with department demands
  • Increase team satisfaction, productivity and morale
  • Define and reach short and long term goals
  • Conduct reviews
  • Set individual growth plans in motion

Are You In?