“What do you do?” This question is so often asked, but so difficult to answer for the marketing and business development teams of professional service firms. Sometimes, it seems easier to answer “What DON’T we do?”

As former in-house Marketing and Business Development law firm leaders, the Society 54 team recognized the need to be able to both track and report on the wide-scope of projects and activities of their teams. By creating and developing the INform software, we created a system to assist internal marketing and business development teams in tracking efforts and time, providing quantitative reports and the ability to spot inefficiencies. Project progress, separated by category, is tracked using easy to navigate platform provides motivation and rewards through gamification.

The software compiles valuable data to demonstrate various return on investments and is the perfect complement to your current team efforts as it provides real-time views of where team members are spending their time and energy. For each activity, event and project added and progressed, team members earn points and badges which are viewable by their other team members. Team leaders can choose how best to reward those who are meeting and exceeding set goals. In addition, this gaming strategy encourages individual accountability and enhanced teamwork that ultimately aids in developing more efficient processes, which are crucial to long-term business development success. The benefit of being able to view the status of each team member’s project, everyone can remain INformed of the team’s efforts. In addition to this, leaders will be able to quickly print out department status updates that will show current progress, as well as cumulative analytics.

Because it is cloud based, it’s accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. The dashboard is easy to use and can be accessed from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

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*DISCLAIMER: While we can’t promise that the INform software will guarantee you and your team celebrity-status within your firm, we do promise that it will be a valuable tool for organizing and reporting on all of your hard work. The INform dashboard tool helps to maximize the efficiency of your team and provide valuable reporting on all of your irons in the fire.