It’s here! The tool that will help your firm reach new heights with business development.

What’s so special?
The INhabit software uses gamification strategies to help lawyers track their BD efforts while creating accountability, providing intuitive reminders for follow-up and procuring data to demonstrate return on investment through a fun and competitive online teaming platform. This tool provides real-time views of individual and team efforts as well as a reporting function to gain a more in-depth analysis of opportunities and achievements that attribute to defined goals. We think it’s a game changer– and luckily we know a few lawyers so we now have a Patent pending!

Are you a creature of Habit?
INhabit is an intuitive cloud based business development and relationship building tool for professionals looking to develop behavioral habits through tracking activities with enhanced accountability. The platform provides users with an organized and efficient system with look back features and real-time accountability to aid in the business development coaching process.

Who Is In?
Lawyers. Accountants. Business People. Anyone who is trying to build a book of business and wants to develop habitual practices around building relationships. Because people in the professional services industry are often focused on the work product that services their client’s needs, developing business is often a secondary thought, especially when things are busy. Studies have shown that when you are busy is the best time to market your services so you maintain a steady workflow of new projects.

Can it read my mind?
Not exactly, but kind of! The dashboard is intuitive and user friendly. Clients start by entering their top contacts on whom they want to focus their business development efforts (these can be imported from Outlook, CRM, etc.) Then, they set goals for themselves and timelines for reaching their set goals. Once the clients and goals have been identified and developed, it’s time to start tracking activities.

INhabit-1Accountability is not lost on professional service firms.
This dashboard offers an easy platform to quickly track activities to keep busy professionals on top of their key relationships. In addition to tracking the activities, it also provides a point-based system that correlates with various predefined actions and creates an instant real time view of and individuals progress. Accountability is the key driver in performance.

How does one access this awesome product?
Because it is cloud based, it’s accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. The software is designed to be scalable for desktop, mobile or table devices.

Contact us if you would like to check out INhabit and take your firm to the new heights.

“INhabit has provided a helpful tool to schedule action items and track their completion, all while giving my colleagues and me an opportunity to engage in some good old competition. It’s easy to use and creates a great record of my efforts.” – Bankruptcy Attorney

Are You In?

*DISCLAIMER: While we can’t promise that the INhabit software will guarantee you a “golden egg”, we do promise that it will lead you in the right direction. The INhabit dashboard tool is like no other product on the market. It is a companion tool to individual business development coaching and helps to maximize the effectiveness of the training and provide a usable platform for maintaining key contact relationships.