We all know that things we have to do aren’t always the things we want to do. For instance, going to the dentist, getting our oil changed, and cleaning our homes aren’t always things we are excited to do, but the longer we put them off the worse our circumstances become. Similarly, business development is something professionals must do, but don’t always want to or see the immediate need. How do we help? We make it fun and competitive! By changing habits through competition, business development efforts remain top-of-mind and allow professionals to see the efforts being made by their colleagues. It’s all about being accountable. How many more clients would you have if you participated?Inhabit_logo_FINAL

While you’re here, we’d be thrilled if you would take a minute to check out our original gamification software for business development, INhabit, and our newest software for internal marketing and business development teams, INform. INform is currently under construction, and we can’t wait to roll it out!

Gamification isn’t just for business development. In what other areas could your professionals use improvement? Appeal to their competitive nature by letting us help build gamified strategies around things such as mentoring, lateral recruiting, on-boarding, and community service efforts. The application is endless. It’s all about figuring out what types of behavior need to be changed, then building a game to encourage behavior change and invoke accountability.

Are You In?