Client Loyalty

Sad but true fact: Client loyalty is an afterthought for far too many business professionals. Don’t let your firm fall into this trap! Presuming client loyalty can be dangerous. Your existing clients should be at the very top of your priority list (for obvious reasons… and for some that may not be so obvious). Time and time again we see that it’s considerably more difficult, time-consuming and exhausting to win a new client than it is to preserve and cultivate what you have with a current client. Again, this is why developing client loyalty is non-negotiable. So how exactly do you keep your clients loyal? Enter Society 54.

At Society 54, we believe that client loyalty is developed through more than the provision of stellar service. There must be trust and transparency. This type of relationship takes not only time, but also candid feedback. One of the most effective ways in which to obtain such qualitative candid feedback from your clients is by implementing a client interview program. Client interviews create greater client loyalty, while also providing a holistic look at your clients’ business and forthcoming legal needs and opportunities. Interview programs have been proven to increase revenue, referrals and client awareness, while providing a better understanding of your firm’s image in the marketplace. Interviews give you the valuable opportunity to learn exactly what clients like and dislike about working with your firm, and to determine client-specific areas of improvement.

Specifically, we can help you to:

  • Navigate internal waters and earn management buy-in for the launch of an interview program
  • Lay out realistic interview program goals
  • Select appropriate interview candidates
  • Develop interview questions
  • Determine the most appropriate interview method
  • Conduct interviews and/or train interviewers
  • Define post-interview action steps

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