Business Development Coaching

Business. Development.  Perhaps the term evokes panic, confusion and fear.  Maybe it makes you cringe or even frustrates you.  After all, you expected others to drum up all the business, right?  Whatever your view, there’s no denying that these days, Business Development is necessary in the competitive “business” of law and other professional services.  Enter Society 54.Developing Business

At Society 54, the term “Business Development” evokes sheer excitement.  We are thrilled to help our clients uncover and create business opportunities that will have long-term benefits. We know there is a growing expectation for associates and junior partners to develop business, yet all too often this expectation is ambiguous, unsupported and unguided.

Society 54’s business development program was designed to ensure greater confidence, understanding, and most importantly, success.  We provide clients with customized, calculated and proven coaching.

In addition to our multi-platform business development programs, Society 54 has developed exclusive technology specifically for professional service individuals to aid in the development of business building through various customized activities that will create habits for future success called INhabit.  This software is complimented with a DiSC profile assessment and personalized one-on-one coaching.

Business development is not One Size Fits All, and it’s crucial to find the approaches that will work the best for each individual, within the confines of their firm culture, schedule, priorities and practice.  Throughout the years, we have partnered with hundreds of professionals to help them define, tailor and take ownership of their business development methods.

Specifically, we can help you to:

  • One on One and/or team coaching
  • Define and reach short and long term goals
  • Customize your efforts
  • Think strategically
  • Uncover untapped business development opportunities
  • Overcome business development challenges and objections
  • Develop confidence and comfort in business development conversations
  • Remain accountable
  • Navigate internal relationships to generate support and momentum

Are You In?