Building Greatness

Who was the best coach you had growing up? Who is your best coach today? Do you have one? Often our boss, or others that we look to for mentoring, can’t always be available to help. And if you are like many of the in-house marketing/bd professionals we know, you want the resources and tools to help you learn, adapt and build your skillset- but figuring out how to do that can be overwhelming. Where do you begin?

Our industry has been quick to recognize the need of coaching our attorneys, but we sometimes neglect the importance of coaching for own professional development. We all need a coach now and again to help us define, implement and attain our personal and career goals. Enter Society 54.

building greatness

We have designed a unique four-month program that provides the marketing/bd professional with his/her own coach. Learn how to develop confidence, present thoughtful ideas, enhance leadership and management skills through this customized, interactive training and personal coaching sessions.
Throughout the coaching program, participants will be able to: define and articulate their goals, demonstrate actionable items aimed at meeting/exceeding their goals, better manage projects/ talent, and have the tools and self-assurance to conduct their own coaching sessions.

Invest in yourself and your department. Become the best version of yourselves.

Individual and Team Based Coaching for Marketing and BD Departments

  • Identify areas of strength and opportunity
  • Define goals with accountability
  • Build self-confidence
  • Manage up, down and sideways
  • Solicit feedback for self-improvement
  • Develop, refine and present key initiatives
  • Leadership development
  • Working with other departments effectively
  • Coach attorneys, colleagues and staff
  • * DISCLAIMER: Developing yourself and your staff takes time, effort, mentoring and coaching. We give our attorneys the tools and training, but we don’t often think about what’s needed to make our department the best it can be. Let us coach YOU. Are you in?