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Working with Firms and Attorneys

Attorney Retreats:
Law firm retreats are an important and practical tool for discussing important issues, mapping plans for firm goals and fostering relationships, ideally away from the chaos of day-to-day office life. Because getting attorneys out from behind their desks and gathering everyone together is a rarity, it’s important that significant planning goes into the retreat so that the time together is fruitful. Our mission is to provide a positive experience for all retreat participants through discussions, encouraging teamwork, answering concerns and questions, and assisting in planning and implementation of goals. We also aim to make sessions fun and memorable to create positivity and buy-in. Through discussions during the planning process, we are able to discover issues and goals and in turn propose an agenda which can be customized to ensure all parties are on board. We can also help with gathering and analyzing firm financial data, provide information on requested subjects and trends, and raise questions to encourage dialogue among participants.

Cost: $7,500

PARTNERS- BD Competency Model:
Associates are often given opportunities to work alongside partners, learning valuable information and gleaning exceptional experience. But what about the other qualities that build a successful attorney who can grow a solid book of business? Don’t worry, we can help! We have developed a competency advancement model that provides firms with a framework that holds attorneys accountable for developing the soft skills they need to be successful business builders. The model defines areas of opportunity for engaging and advancing within the firm and measures efforts and encourages accountability. We employ this model with firms that are interested in providing a framework and structure to help their Associates advance to the next level. Each model is customized to meet the needs of the firm and address the intricacies of their respective Road to Partnership.

Cost: $10,000 per engagement

Individual Attorney Coaching:
Not all attorneys have “business development genes,” but all attorneys need to understand the importance of developing business and providing superior client service. Society 54 works with identified attorneys to help create customized business development plans. Utilizing the INhabit tracking software, coaches provide ongoing individual and group training to aid in business development best practices and to reinforce accountability.

Cost: $6,500 per participant*
*Value Add- Complimentary access to Society 54’s INhabit software during coaching and for 12 additional months post-coaching and a DiSC Workplace Behavior Assessment

Collaborative Group Coaching:
Society 54 works with firms to help build strong and active teams with a focus on creating efficiencies, enhancing internal communication, increase cross-selling efforts, build value and offer well-rounded views of how to approach issues. Programs include in-person team training, on-demand coaching and team competition. By utilizing the INhabit tracking software to add an element of gamification and/or competitiveness, teams compete for a period of time after an initial in-person kick-off meeting. On-demand coaching calls occur during the off months for personalized planning, sustained accountability and progress updates.

Cost: $45,000 for a minimum of 10 participants (up to 50 attorneys per challenge)*
*Value Add- Complimentary access to Society 54’s INhabit software during coaching and for 12 additional months post-coaching (a value of more than $15,000)

CX (Client Experience Programs):
At Society 54, we believe that client loyalty is developed through more than the delivery of stellar service. There must be trust and transparency. Client loyalty takes not only time, but also acting on feedback and striving for continuous service improvements. One of the most effective ways in which to obtain such qualitative candid feedback from your clients is by implementing a client interview program. Another tool for understanding areas for improvement is through a First Impression audit.
Specifically, we can help you define a feedback program from gaining internal buy-in to developing interview questions to conducting interviews. For audits, we can assist with everything from multi-modal communication performance, to in-person interaction assessments to the overall experience with your firm.

Cost: Programs start at $5,000 and are based on the needs of the firm.

INhabit Tracking Software:
Our INhabit software helps lawyers track their marketing and business development activities while creating accountability. INhabit provides intuitive reminders for client follow-up and data to demonstrate return on efforts through a fun and competitive online teaming platform. Real-time views of individual and team efforts as well as a reporting function to gain more in-depth analyses of opportunities and achievements that attribute to defined goals help participants stay accountable and intentional in their efforts. For each activity tracked, participants earn points which are also viewable by their respective team members. This gaming strategy encourages not only individual accountability, but also enhanced teamwork that ultimately aids in developing habits, which are crucial to long-term success.
The dashboard is easy to use and can be accessed from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

If interested, INhabit is included as a complimentary, value-add for all Society 54 coaching programs.

Cost: $50 per attorney/month (requires six-month minimum contract)*
*One-time administrative set up charge and annual maintenance and hosting charges are additional.

Working with Marketing and BD Professionals:

Department Retreats:
We like to customize each retreat to best meet the needs of the firms with whom we work. Sessions are interactive and proven to provide fun and collaboration, while also offering practical applications for ongoing team building for the Marketing & Business Development department. We have existing sessions to choose from including communication and listening skills, case studies, small group brainstorming, team building, firm knowledge and more. We can also work with firms to create sessions based on the specific goals and desired outcomes for the department.

Cost: $6,500

Coach 2 Coach (coaching for marketing and business development staff):
In recent years, law firms have really come to understand the importance and the benefits of attorney coaching. Some firms, however, prefer to empower their own marketing and business development staff to coach their attorneys in-house, but struggle with consistently providing each attorney or team with the same level of coaching abilities and benefits. We can provide a solution to this problem through our Coach 2 Coach program. Through monthly sessions over the course of a year, we provide resources, materials, trainings, and role-playing experiences to allow marketing and business development staff the opportunity to hone their coaching skills and the to provide their attorneys the benefit of coaching without working through a third party.

Cost: $3,500 per participant*
*Value Add- program includes DiSC Workplace Behavior Assessment

INform Department Management Software:
As former in-house Marketing and Business Development law firm leaders, the Society 54 team recognized the need to be able to both track and report on the wide-scope of projects and activities of their teams. By creating and developing the INform software, we created a system to assist internal marketing and business development teams in tracking efforts and time, providing quantitative reports and the ability to spot inefficiencies. Project progress, separated by category, is tracked using an easy to navigate platform and provides motivation and rewards through gamification. The software compiles valuable data to demonstrate various return on investments and is the perfect complement to your current team efforts as it provides real-time views of where team members are spending their time and energy.

INform is ideal for teams of 5 or more.

Cost: $80 per user/month (requires one-year minimum contract)*/ Enterprise options are also available for larger teams
*One-time administrative set up charge and annual maintenance and hosting charges are additional.