McCullough Shares 3 Practical Ways to Improve Law Firm Culture on JD Supra

JD Supra recently published “3 Practical Ways to Improve Law Firm Culture” in which Heather McCullough shares simple suggestions that any firm can implement to improve internal culture. Read an excerpt below, and the entire article here on the JD Supra website.

What a law firm looks like today is dramatically different than what it looked like 50 years ago. Law firms benefitted from client expansion and demand for legal services, and grew exponentially. The sheer size of law firms today necessitates doing things differently than they have traditionally been done.

Partners don’t work down the hall from each other; they are in different countries. Relationships aren’t cultivated through daily interaction on work projects; work is specialized and thus siloed within particular teams. Associates don’t receive a broad legal work experience from which they learn judgment; they are pigeon-held in one practice, refining a specific skillset.

The effect of these changes on law firm culture cannot be overstated. Much is written about the changes in the practice of law – less so about the shift in the experience of lawyers in law firms.

Even so, there are opportunities for professionally satisfying work and a strong, recognizable culture within the large law firm of today. Here are three practical ways to move the needle in that direction.

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