Huse quoted in article involving BigLaw’s loss in talent

Law 360’s Lisa Ryan recently published a story on how small law firms are attracting Big Law attorneys and quoted Jill Huse.

Small Firms Woo BigLaw Attys With Payday Promises

Law360, New York (August 10, 2015, 9:35 PM ET) — With stellar salaries, contingency fee structures and alternative profit distribution plans, certain boutiques are seeing their hiring strategies pay off as they lure more attorneys away from BigLaw.

These smaller firms take a high-risk, high-reward approach to the law, forgoing traditional fee structures and billable hours for a slice of the settlement or award pie. As a result, these firms are able to entice entrepreneurial attorneys — who have a desire to go all in rather than hedge their bets by charging a set hourly rate — to leave their BigLaw posts.

“Some smaller firms can pay better than BigLaw because they’re able to structure things differently,” Jill Huse, a partner at legal consulting firm Society 54 LLC, said. “From a recruiting standpoint, saying you can offer alternative fee structures and alternative rates is a selling point.”  View complete article here: