Huse Pens Leadership Lessons from Super Bowl 51

JD Supra recently shared insights from Jill Huse in “Brady, Bennett & Belichick, LLP – 5 Law Firm Leadership Lessons from Super Bowl 51.”

What if we could take one of the most successful franchises in history and build the perfect law firm based on the leadership principles we’ve learned from the New England Patriots?

Last night, the Patriots made history. At halftime, the Atlanta Falcons were leading 28 to three. I don’t think anyone could have predicted what the second half would bring. Brady and Belichick led the team to a tie with just under a minute left in the game. A touchdown for the Patriots during overtime sealed the deal for the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

They may have come into the game as the favorite but that quickly changed and, by half-time, they were the underdogs. Never before had a team come back in a Super Bowl from such an extreme deficit. So, what happened?

Strong leadership and a team that vowed to work together and never give up.

What lessons can law firms learn from this incredible triumph? As someone who coaches attorneys, I saw several parallels in last night’s game. I think the most poignant noted [below] are especially transferable to our legal industry.

See the five lessons and Jill’s challenge to law firms in the article on JD Supra, found here.