Huse Authors JD Supra Article on Geo-Targeting Law Firm Growth

Jill Huse’s article “Geo-Targeting Law Firm Growth: Customizing Efforts to Maximize Regional Impact,” co-authored by Andrew Laver, was recently published by JD Supra. Below is an excerpt of the article. Click here to read it in its entirety on the JD Supra website.

Geo-Targeting is here. If your firm is a multi-region law firm, you may already be looking to implement this technology in your marketing and business development strategy. But even if your firm just has a single office, this technology allows you to deliver a better client experience in an affordable and efficient manner.

One application that delivers significant results for many firms is with geo-targeted ad buys. This uses geo-location through digital media, enabling us to offer targeted content and brand messaging to a potential customer, based upon his/her location. But what else can geo-targeting do for us? How else might it help us localize the client’s digital experience but in a manner that is reflective of our firm’s sub-culture, consistent of the firm’s overarching brand, and compelling enough to be noticed in a barrage of information overload? The answer could be revealed by engaging in geo-targeted and geo-fencing practices.

Let’s assume we have a law firm with more than one office in different regions. As many of you who have dealt with this scenario know, it is almost impossible to market the regional office(s) within a firm’s web presence. Geo-locating technology is an affordable and efficient option that makes this problem much easier to resolve.

The process is simple so let us paint you a picture of how this is starting to be implemented within the legal industry: you have a Chicago-based firm with five regional offices. A prospect from Seattle visits your firm’s website…but instead of seeing your general firm landing page, their IP address dictates the imagery, content and regional contact information specific to your Seattle office. Pretty cool concept, huh?

Geo-targeting lets you appear local everywhere. And this is important: studies have shown that 20% of all personal computer search queries and nearly 50% of all mobile search queries carry local intent, meaning the searcher is expecting to see businesses and service providers near them in the results. It is imperative that we meet that expectation.

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