Bracken’s Message to Law Firms: It’s Time to Embrace the ‘S’ Word

Sales and Law Firms: It’s Time to Embrace the ‘S’ Word” is a JD Supra article written by Rich Bracken that dives in to the five-letter part of business development attorneys and law firms try to avoid: SALES.

Rich shares how to acknowledge and improve upon shortcomings, embracing your role as a salesperson and some really fascinating statistics around poor selling and missed opportunities. What was the most interesting or shocking part for you? Rich would love to hear from you!

I remember my first big sales presentation like it was yesterday, because it went so horribly bad.

I had landed a lunch with the biggest orthopedic group in the state and they were blessing me with 45 minutes to come in and WOW them with my line of products. Bright eyed and a bit nervously sweaty, I stood at the front of the room as the doctors filed in.

When my pitch started, you would have thought an auctioneer was presenting. With a lot of products that I was proud of, I rifled through them all: features, benefits, advantages over the competition. At the end of my 45 minutes, one product remained undiscussed as they left the room to tend to patients.
I didn’t get the account.

Nearly a year later, I brought on the same group through a separate contract agreement that they were a part of. As I was stocking their treatment rooms, one of the doctors stopped in the doorway. “I remember you. You were the guy that brought us lunch and talked 100 miles an hour.”

Mortified at the impression, I calmly replied “Yes, I’ve switched to decaf since then.”

He went on to say that the docs loved our products, but the one that they wanted to hear about the most, I never talked about (technically I ran out of time).

The lesson? I never asked any questions.

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