Bracken Shares 8 Key Law Firm Strategy Takeaways From the #LMA19 National Conference

Rich Bracken recently published an article on JD Supra, “8 Key Law Firm Strategy Takeaways From the #LMA19 National Conference.” In the article, he outlines the main themes of this year’s conference as well as eight strategic and tactical concepts that attendees (and those reading) should be looking to implement in their own firms or the firms of their clients.

The Legal Marketing Association’s National Conference was held in Atlanta recently; over 1,500 professionals gathered to learn from industry experts, take pointers from key outside consultants and, most importantly, hear from clients.
Several key themes continued to arise in conversations and presentations:
Client service and experience is more critical than it’s ever been.
Law firms need to take a cue from the Big 4 by focusing more on operating like a business through a new approach to sales and client service.
Firms and attorneys need to focus on differentiation in the marketplace through expertise, branding, and thought leadership.
Below is a list of some of the key takeaways that legal marketers and consultants should be implementing ASAP at their firms. These are key strategies and tactics to be aware of as we approach the halfway point of 2019.

Read the rest of Rich’s article here on the JD Supra website.