At The Table

Society 54 is proud to showcase this shared resource model.  At the Table is a cutting-edge, unique affinity group of national legal industry experts who meet virtually every quarter and in person twice a year to share resources.  Considered to be an elite society, the group is comprised of representatives who are not competitors, but rather true colleagues and contemporaries.  Group members unite to support one another and to share ideas, challenges, experiences and best practices.  Sessions are highly interactive and deliberately exclusive, as members share first-hand experiences from their own business challenges.

Members depart from each session recharged and armed with ideas, studies and contacts that will help them to meet the industry challenges they’re facing at that time. They are encouraged to remain in contact during the months in between meetings, as this fosters forthcoming meeting agendas, group morale and rapport.  Further, each member receives a comprehensive and invaluable summary of the topics addressed at each meeting.

We are currently assembling the following At the Table affinity groups:

  • Marketing & Business Development Leaders
  • Associates
  • Women Professionals
  • Junior Partners
  • Marketing & Business Development Managers